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knutsford Little Theatre

This week Knutsford Little Theatre presents 'The End of the Food Chain', Tim Firth's wryly funny look at the juvenile antics of night-shift workers in a grocery distribution depot, to whom work is an endless round of mainly food related games. There is frozen fish-fencing,  sprout tag, flan discus and smartie tiddlywinks, to name but a few. But this cheery exterior hides a whole range of emotions that come to the fore upon the arrival of Debbie, a witty and ambitious new member of the shift, who introduces a murder mystery game that explores the hidden sides of everyone’s personality.


The ringleader and games master is Bruce, played by Bob Jennings, who copes well with a demanding role looking after the lads, who clearly adore him, and who conveys an optimism which we all know is false. Bruce's true intelligence and depth come through beneath his cocky and nonchalant exterior, his own catchphrase "Tragic!" summing himself up as someone who is not fulfilling his potential in life.


Sean Duvall excels as Bruce’s sidekick, Ewan, and Pete Blain turns in another excellent performance as the nerdy and pathetic Craig. Other young actors rising to the challenge and turning in first class performances are Pete Wilding as Robbo and Oliver Marsh as Dids, whilst Nicola Quinn demonstrates her versatility by playing a role very different from the humble maid she portrayed in her last production.


In fact, versatility is something all these actors have in spades, and they need it as they all adopt new personalities in the murder mystery game, none less so than Pete Blain who transforms from the pitiable Craig to the smouldering and charismatic Dr. Damon Costello.


As usual, the set is particularly impressive. The look and feel of a huge, cold warehouse is captured well and lighting is cleverly used to take us to different locations within the building. This is a funny and thought provoking play and is an excellent opening to the new season at the Little Theatre. The play runs from September 17th to 20th and tickets priced £6 are available from the ticket secretary on 01565 873515