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Beat Production – Lost in the Beat

We are pleased to announce we will be hosting the shortened preview of the first premiere of BEAT PRODUCTIONS  ‘Lost in the Beat’.  This a musical play, by Andrea Orton, set in Liverpool and introduces Rose who runs a community choir and has always dreamed of being a singer/songwriter. The story follows her journey as she receives some devastating news…

This performance will be followed by the full-length play in Andrea’s home town of Liverpool at Hope Street Theatre in the Autumn and then back at Knutsford Little Theatre in early October. For further details see https://beatproductions.co.uk/ 

Performance Dates

From:- June 17, 2023

From:- October 6, 2023
To:- October 7, 2023

First Performance

June 17 @ 19:30
19:30 — 21:50

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