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Murdered to Death (2023)

Murdered to Death

The play is a spoof of the best Agatha Christie traditions with a touch of Inspector Clouseau thrown in for good measure.

It is firmly set in the 1920s in the family country manor house. When a gun is shot, everyone becomes a suspect. How will Miss Maple and/or (Acting) Inspector Pratt solve the case. Did the Butler do it as is usually (actually never) the case and how many more will die?

Auditions Wednesday 15th February and Friday 17th February at 7:30pm. A script can be provided in advance by emailing or

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This is an Amateur Production, by agreement with Josef Weinberger Limited.

Performance Dates

From:- May 11, 2023
To:- May 13, 2023

From:- May 18, 2023
To:- May 20, 2023

First Performance

May 11 @ 19:30

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