“Hobson’s Choice”

We are delighted to announce our first auditions since 2020, for our planned production of “Hobson’s Choice” in April 2022.

Auditions are open to all, and no previous experience of theatre is needed.

Plot Synopsis

”Henry Hobson runs a boot manufacturer business in 1880s Salford, England. He is overbearing, controlling, and a drunk. When his eldest daughter, Maggie, stands up to him and announces her intentions to marry one of Hobson’s employees, Willie Mossop, Hobson is astounded. Hobson’s Choice is a focused, comedic exploration of the changing status and expectations of women within late-Victorian society.”

With influence form the Women’s suffrage movement, we want to develop these themes through workshops. Hopefully creating a piece of theatre which reflects the attitudes and hopes of that time. Whilst still being relevant today”

Audition Dates

Wednesday 1’st December 7:30pm

Saturday 4’th December 7:30pm