Hobson’s Choice – April 2022

”Harold Brighouse’s classic Lancashire comedy, ‘Hobson’s Choice’, is the perfect show to kick start Knutsford Little Theatre’s Post-Lockdown run. Henry Horatio Hobson is a drunk, a drunk who runs a fairly successful shoe shop in 1880s Salford, England. His way of life (days spent in the Moonrakers Inn, whilst his three daughters and two shoe-makers work hard in the shop) are drawing to a close as his eldest daughter, Maggie, stands up to the overbearing patriarchy of Hobson and announces her intentions to marry one of his employees.


Mike Wilding as Hobson

Harriet Henry as Maggie

Pete Blaine as Albert

Hannah Peters as Alice

With influence from the Women’s suffrage movement, this play has the chance to make you laugh and think. In our production of ‘Hobson’s Choice’ we want to highlight this connection, as Mr Brighouse would’ve done when he first put on this radical play. We hope to reflect the attitudes and hopes of that time, whilst still being relevant today. ”

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